Hull Spiritualist Centre SNU

Open Circle

Wednesdays 7-30 pm - 9-00 pm (approx) - unless there is a ‘Special Evening’

This is a useful forum for everyone - from experienced and developing mediums to people who have just started out.

The circle starts with a period of silence to build up the energy for communication.  After a few minutes, the circle leader declares the circle ‘open’, meaning anyone who has a link with the spirit world may  speak.  There is no pressure but you are encouraged to speak if the leader knows you have a link.

The circle is always led by an experienced medium so please be assured guidance is always there and do feel free to ask any questions you like.

All we ask is a free-will donation of  £2-00 to keep our doors open!

As with the Divine Service and Workshops occasionally messages are given which do not register with the person until they get home and remember something long forgotten - then it all "clicks into place" so do be patient.  You do not need to pre-book or ask us in advance if you can attend an open circle or special evening of mediumship - everyone is welcome, no matter if you’ve been to other groups, churches or whatever your  background.

One of the purposes of the open circle is to give the opportunity to all demonstrators, irrespective of the level of development presently attained, to work together in public in a more informal meeting than the religious service.

It gives ‘trainee mediums’ the chance to work with other mediums and also to take their first steps in the presentation of their mediumship, which initially, can be a little daunting.