Hull Spiritualist Centre SNU

Divine Service

This is a religious service with a difference - the medium will pass messages on from the world of spirit to anyone in the church, to provide evidence of survival of the human soul.What you make of that evidence and how you live your life is up to you.

The order of service is as follows:

    Welcome by Chairperson  - which includes a request to turn mobile phones off.  

    Healing Silence

    Healing Hymn

    Opening Prayer followed by the Lord's Prayer


    Reading from inspired writings


    Second Song

    Demonstration of communications mediumship

    Closing Hymn - during which there will be a free will donation

    Closing Prayer by the speaker

    Chairperson reads notices for the week ahead

People from  all walks of life attend our church. We ask that if the medium communicates with you, you simple say "yes" or "no", to avoid giving the medium any facts at all about the message, after all it is for you - no one else.

Most people attending a Spiritualist Church for the first time attend the Divine Service to get a message from loved ones, and this is quite natural but there are no guarantees the person you desire will make contact, but all spirit communicators come for a reason and it is our job to communicate that to you.

Refreshments are available after the service, which normally finishes around 8-30 pm. We do ask for a free will donation on Sunday simply to help with the upkeep of the church.

Please see the separate ‘Speakers Page’ for the mediums who are planned to tke part

Sundays 7-00 pm - 8-30 pm (approx)