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The Spiritualists National Union

The SNU has adopted a set of 7 Principles that form the basis for a study of spirituality through a philosophy, which its’ members and churches/centres support and promote. SNU Churches/Centres offer services which include mediumship to provide evidence of the existence of the Spirit within us all and the continuation of every individual soul beyond physical death, irrespective of nature or belief.


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Welcome to the Hull Spiritualist Centre SNU.  We are affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union (SNU) and are a democratic organisation run by the Committee elected each year by the members.

Spiritualism attracts people from all walks of life and if you’ve never been before, you may be surprised how down to earth we all are.  We do not preach, nor tell you how to live your life, our religion is based on Seven Principles but it is up to you how to interpret them.

Everybody is welcome, regardless of race, religion or lifestyle and if you have any questions ask us.

Spiritualism is a recognised religion. The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) holds charitable status in the UK and as such receives recognition equal to that of other registered religious charities. It has been legally recognised by the home office since 1939 as an appointing body for Spiritualist ministers, whose rights and responsibilities are equal to those of ministers of other religions.

The religion of Spiritualism is open to all, rejecting none. Spiritualist churches allow people to come together to enjoy Spiritualist activities. most of these activities have a religious foundation such as prayer, meditation, Spiritualist philosophy, hymns, songs and music.

Welcome to Hull Spiritualist Centre SNU



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